Falls Creek Return

Parents and Spouses. Families of all. Be ready, and waiting stinky laundry and campers will arrive within the next hour to hour and half. See you there!!!

Attention Parents

Parents please stay tuned to Facebook or Twitter as we will be posting our departure from Falls Creek and our Moore arrival time later today.


FALLS CREEK - Registration will begin at 12:15 PM Monday

 Buses will roll out at 1:00 PM

 Please help spread the word

Wednesday June 11 EVENT

Volleyball this Wednesday night

 Transportation is not provided

 Address is: 3100 Bradford Drive

Falls Creek Parent Information 2014

Please note: we are sorry for any confusion due to an error or misrepresentation in the rule sheet we handed out. We are going to Falls Creek with a NO CELL PHONE POLICY.  

#fallscreek14 photo challenge

Ok everyone, and YES parents and adults this means YOU!  We have challenged the students to a photo a day contest leading up to Falls Creek 14.  So now we are making sure you are aware of the contest.  Here is the list.  Today is “awkward family photo”.
 Post yours to https://www.facebook.com/firstbaptistmoorestudents and tag the photo #fallscreek14 LET’S SEE THOSE PHOTOS.  Oh and there is a winner a day